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Cooking and preparing food can cause a lot of time and energy. Peeling, chopping, cutting, dicing – all those food prep tasks actually are very time-consuming.  A food processor saves time, as they cut, chop, shred, slice and grate edibles. since it performs faster than a human hand. Also, it ensures your safety and convenience.

This buying guide will help you in selecting the best available food processor, you can choose from an array of products that are available for less than $40 and $200 above. To prepare delicious dishes, you need a good food processor that can refine your cooking while saving time.

Best Selling
Breville BFP800XL



Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Cuisinart
Beach 70610
FP-12 Elite

Kitchenaid KFP0711CU
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Capacity16 cups and 2.5 cups14 cups7 cups9 cups3 cups11 cups10 cups12 cups and 4 cups7 cups14, 11, and 4-1/2 cup
Motor Wattage1200 watts720 watts600 watts600 watts250 watts625 watts500 watts1000 watts300 watts1000 watts
Pulse Button
Slicing disc.3 mm to 8 mm2 mm and 4 mmAdjustable
Shredding Disc
Chopping BladeLarge and SmallLarge and SmallLarge and Small
Dough Blade
Feed TubeLarge and SmallLarge and SmallLarge and SmallLarge and SmallNoLarge and SmallMediumLarge and SmallMediumSupreme Wide-Mouth
BaseBrushed Die Cast MetalBrushed StainlessWhite PlasticBrushed StainlessVarious Colors of PlasticWhite PlasticWhite PlasticPlastic or Die CastVarious Colors of PlasticPlastic or Die Cast
Dimensions8" W x 10.2" D x 17.8" H7.5" W x 9.75" D x 15.75" H7" W x 11.25" D x 14.50" H7" W x 9.5" D x 13" H8" W x 5" D x 9" H7" W x 11.2" D x 14.5" H8.8" W x 10.8" D x 13.6" H10.75″ W X 11.25″ D X 16″ H10.6" W x 9.2" D x 19.7" H10.2" W x 7.8" D x 17" H
Weight26 lbs15 lbs15 lbs14 lbs3 lbs16.9 lbs8 lbs22 lbs14 lbs25 lbs
Warranty25 years on motor5 years on motor5 years on motor10 years on motor18 months5 years on motor1 year10 years on motor1 year10 year on motor
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What are Food processor ?

A food processor is an appliance used in the kitchen to make cooking an easy job. It facilitates various tasks while preparing food, like chopping, slicing, blending and shredding vegetables, fruits and other edibles. A food processor uses multiple blades that can be used for different purposes. 

Who is this buying guide written for?

  • Housewives who like to cook a variety dishes for their families
  • Singles who stay alone and love to cook on their own
  • Working couples who need speedy food processing
  • Chefs wanting to save time

Breville BFP800XL – The Breville Sous Chef is the Cadillac of food processors. This machine is build like a tank with a solid cast iron base and a powerful 1200 watt induction motor. No other food processor comes with as many accessories as this Breville food processor. Not only do you get two different size BPA free work bowls, a 16 cup and a 2.5 cup, but yet get a huge feed shut which is big enough to fit large items like whole potatoes. The large assortment of blades and discs fit perfectly in their own storage container and include two chopping blades, a dough blade, as well as a french fry disc, reversible shredder, adjustable slicing disc, whisk, and julienne disc. The slicing disc is one of the best features of the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef food processor because it is adjustable from .3 mm to 8 mm so you always get the perfect thickness for whatever you are making. The motor comes with an industry leading 25 year warranty. If you want the best of the best, you need to check out the incredible Breville sous chef food processor. Click here for full review

Cuisinart DFP-14BCN - The Cuisinart 14 cup food processor is one of Cuisinart’s best selling food processors. This is probably due to its powerful 720 watt motor combined with the included accessories and quite operation. The Cuisinart DFP-14BCN comes with a large capacity 14 cup BPA free Lexan work bowl as well as a chopping, dough, shredding and slicing blade. Also included are two feed chutes and pushers, one is extra large for bigger food items such as potatoes which means you don’t have to pre-chop your food items before putting them in the machine. The base has a nice brushed stainless steel finish which looks great in any modern kitchen and the small footprint of the machine doesn’t need much counter space. The motor only has one speed but there is a pulse option which comes in handy. The Cuisinart custom 14-cup food processor weighs a hefty 15 pounds which is a great advantage helping to reduce any vibration or movement while using the machine. Click here for full review

Cuisinart DLC-10S – The Cuisinart DCL-10S is slightly smaller than the DFP-14BCN with a capacity of up to 7 cups. It still comes with a dough,shredding, slicing and chopping blade as well a large and small feed chute each with there own pusher. The one speed motor is 600 watts but is also has a pulse feature which is what you will use most of the time. Cuisinarts are know for there very quite operation when compared to other food processors and the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is no exception.The  Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-cup food processor still has plenty of power to make dough so you don’t give up anything when compared to the larger processors from Cuisinart. It takes up less counter space and has a simple, easy to clean white finish on the base. If you don’t need the larger capacity of the bigger machines the DLC-10S Pro Classic should be all the machine you need. Click here for full review

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB – The Cuisinart 9 cup food processor powerful compact food processor that doesn’t take up much counter space. Like other Cuisinarts it includes a wide mouth feed tube along with a smaller, standard size feed food so it works great with a various sizes of foods. The bottom of  the pusher has perforations in it allowing you to add liquid items into the processor without removing the pusher. The beautiful stainless steel exterior looks great and the three button (on,pulse,off) touch pad makes for very easy cleaning when you are done. You get all the accessories required chop, slice, shred and make dough. The Cuisinart prep 9 comes with a 9 cup Lexan BPA free bowl and is also available in a larger 11 cup version if you need more capacity for larger meals. If you are looking for a quality, smart looking, compact food processor the DLC-2009CHB should fit the bill. Click here for full review

Cuisinart DLC-2A – This little guy is the baby brother of the larger Cuisinart food processors. With a capacity of 3 cup and a very compact, small footprint its great for any light duty or small quantity jobs. The Cuisinart DLC-2A is a mini food processor perfect for chopping soft vegetables or grinding nuts and other hard items. It features a pulse chop button and a grind button. When using the chop option the blades spins with the sharp edge contacting the food to produce a fine,even chop. When you use the grind button the blade spins backwards so the dull side of the blade contacts the food to grind up hard items like nuts or hard cheeses. This also helps the cutting side of the blade to stay sharp longer. You can choose from a variety of colors so there shouldn’t be a problem picking one to match the decor of your kitchen. This small food processor is great for quick jobs and would make an excellent addition to a larger size food processor in you home. No need to haul the big one for simple jobs. Click here for full review

Cuisinart DLC-8S – Contrary to the number in this models name the Cuisinart DLC-8S is an 11 cup food processor. It features a powerful 625 watt induction motor which is also very quite when in use. The 11 cup work bowl is BPA free like all of Cuisinart work bowls and you get a large, expandable feed tube for bigger food items as well as a smaller feed tube for smaller items. The front paddle controls on the bottom of the processor are a great feature and very easy to use even when your hands are full. The is an on and off button; the off button doubles as a pulse button when you hold it down. The Cuisinart 11 cup food processor comes with the standard chopping and dough blades as well as a shredding blade but you get two slicing blades, a 2mm and 4mm blade making it a very versatile machine. The stem adapter system makes changing the discs quick and easy. The Cuisinart DLC-8S food processor is a multi-talented machine and would be a great addition to any home kitchen. Click here for full review

Hamilton Beach 70610 – If you have a small budget but still need a food processor you might be able to get by with the Hamilton Beach 10 cup food processor. This low priced machine has a a decent 10 cup capacity and you get a chopping blade along with a reversible shredding/slicing disc. The 500 watt motor has two speeds as well as a pulse feature. The feed tube is big enough to fit most foods without pre chopping and the parts are dishwasher safe. It may not have the power to process large quantities of hard vegetables and it can’t make dough but that is to be expected for it’s low price. If you don’t need the power or features of the other higher priced machines you can save a ton of money by purchasing the Hamilton food processor, just don’t expect the performance of the Cuisinart models. Click here for full review

Cuisinart FP-12 Elite – The Cuisinart Elite food processor is  quickly and easily slices, dices, chops, and purees, helping to reduce prep time in the kitchen. It supplies a 12-cup work bowl, plus a 4-cup work bowl that nests inside the bigger bowl.An exclusive SealTight Advantage System seals the bowls and locks the blades for clean, safe processing and pouring. In addition, the unit’s wide-mouth feed tube accommodates larger ingredients, which reduces the need for cutting food into smaller pieces first, and its electronic touchpad control panel offers three selections for on, off, and pulse. Use the machine to quickly blend up individual or family-size batches of pesto, chop onions and green peppers for a veggie pizza, or shred cheese for omelets on a Sunday morning. Accessories include a stainless-steel adjustable slicing disc (1 to 6 mm), a stainless-steel reversible shredding disc (fine/medium), a large and small stainless-steel chopping/mixing blade, and a dough blade.. The food processor measures 7 by 10-1/2 by 15-1/5 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty with a 10-year warranty on the motor.. Click here for full review

Kitchenaid KFP0711CU – The KitchenAide processor is well built and nicely designed. The slicing blade dials to create the thickness of the cut.  And, there are two shredding sizes – perfect! If you want to emulsify something (mayo) by adding a liquid slowly, there is a convenient tiny hole in the bottom of the ‘food pusher’. The Kitchenaid 7 cup food processor is the smallest processor in the Kitchenaid line up. As the name implies it has a capacity of 7 cups. It features a full size feed tube for processing large food items and has an off, low, high and pulse button. With the 7 cup Kitchenaid food processor you get a stainless steel chopping blade, an adjustable  slicing blade that cuts 2 mm to 4 mm slices and a reversible grating blade. The motor puts out 300 watts of power and it comes in several color options to match any kitchen. If you are in the market for a 7 cup food processor you should consider the Kitchenaid KFP0711CU. Click here for full review

Cuisinart FP-14DC – The Cuisinart Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor  Equipped with a 1000-watt peak-power induction motor, this convenient food processor quickly and easily slices, dices, chops, and purees, helping to reduce prep time in the kitchen. It supplies a 4-1/2-cup small work bowl and an 11-cup medium work bowl that nest inside a 14-cup large work bowl–a versatile three-in-one design that can handle multiple-size batches. All the bowls feature durable polycarbonate construction, measurement marks up the side, and drip-free pour spouts. An exclusive SealTight Advantage System seals the bowls and locks the blades for clean, safe processing and pouring. In addition, the unit’s wide-mouth feed tube accommodates larger ingredients, which reduces the need for cutting food into smaller pieces first, and its electronic touchpad control panel offers four selections for on, off, dough, and pulse.Click here for full review

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